Our son Ninjo is 5 years old and his biggest dream is to become a guitar-player and singer. To stand on the stage an play and sing for thousands of people. 

He looks a lot of Youtube videos from Jimmy Hendrix or Carlos Santana. Nobody touched his mind. 

But than he found his absolut favourite: Manowar with Heart of steel. He loves Ross „The Boss“ Friedmann and Karl Logan. Even like bis dad 35 years ago…

He is sitting on the floor or the sofa and is watching the video again and again. Trying to Play the guitar and singing…: 

Hardrock seems to be his future.  I hope, that Manowar will be still alive until he is old enough to visit a live concert!

Until than he still practice hard and makes bis music: 

We are proud of you and look forward to see you on the stage…

Ninjos Dad.